About Spooky Squid Games.
Spooky Squid Games was founded in late 2008 by pixel artist and game designer Miguel Sternberg. He was joined soon after by Andrij Pilkiw who rounded out the team with his programming prowess and ability to curse in Ukrainian. Since forming they have released several free games including Night of the Cephalopods, a game critically praised for its ground breaking interactive narrative technique and listed as one of indiegames.comís Best Freeware Arcade Games of 2008. They are currently working on They Bleed Pixels a 'lo-fi gothic' platforming beat'em up, and the militant stealth gardening game Guerrilla Gardening: Seeds of Revolution.

About Miguel Sternberg: A veteran of Torontoís indie game scene, Miguel is a former co-founder of Capybara Games and helps run The Hand Eye Society, an indie game arts and culture group. His pixel art has graced the back cover of Scott Pilgrim Gets it Together, the movie Crank, the web game Legends of Zork, as well as countless unplayable cellphone games based on major movie franchises. He recently organized the Comics vs Games art show as part of TIFFnexus.

We can be contacted at neko@silencegreys.com and you can follow us on twitter @spookysquid.

A Peak Behind the Noisome Curtain
Electric Playground visited our home studio in mid 2010. This clip from the show serves as a great intro to our games and what we're all about.

Into the Mind of Madness
If you're looking for in depth knowledge of our history and what makes us tick, rgbFilter's ridiculously comprehensive interview with Miguel is your best bet.


Contact us at: neko@silencegreys.com
We are not currently hiring or looking for sound designers please do not email.
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